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So, what is the point of Verbalatina.com?

Some of the great ideas of the last centuries that have shaped our world for the better have roots in international law and international legal instruments. Today, international law is an intrinsic part of our lives and forms most of our societies – from regulations on nuclear weapons to the use of our mobile phones.

International law supports and helps create order in an otherwise anarchistic world and is an integral part of the fulfillment of humanity's hopes of advancing prosperity, human rights, peace, and environmental protection. However, we see almost daily that international law is under attack. There are attempts by states, organizations, and individuals who are attacking, defying, and challenge the international laws and the order that they guarantee in a pursuit to promote their dominance or power. A universal understanding of international law and its significance is, therefore, becoming ever more critical as the world becomes more interconnected and global.

Verbalinta.com seeks to support the understanding of international law by providing universal access to materials about international law. These materials are to be accessible by all - from curios beginners to the more advanced readers. We will write our content with the intent of being easily understandable, explicit, and engaging.

Ultimately, we hope that our content will advance your understanding as well as ignite a passion and curiosity for further learning about international law.